lundi 20 avril 2015

W is for Who Am I?

W is for Who Am I

I was pondering my next online Scrabble move, when up popped the question “How far are you from postal code 40000 in France at the moment?” My options were: This is where I am; I’m nearby; I’m far away; I don’t know where it is. The last one, definitely. A quick Google search revealed postal code 40000 is Landes, which is a good few hours’ drive away. But who wanted to know, and why? The answer, in fairly small print, was revealed as: “Your response will be used by Facebook to improve your experience”. As I didn’t respond, how my experience will be improved will forever remain a mystery.

Then, up popped a picture of a pushchair urging me to “acheter maintenant” (buy now). I think the computer has me mixed up with someone else. Probably the person who is interested in the Vampire Diaries necklaces that are forever appearing on my screen.

I confess I recently did a few of those mindless quizzes that are somehow quite addictive. One revealed that I was a “lively and outgoing 75 year old”. You see, I said it was confusing me with someone else. However, it did add that, “With your general knowledge, you can’t help but show other people up”. At last, they have something correct! Less so when it comes to my 60s nickname, which is, apparently, Johnny.

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing the Marks & Spencer website and paused briefly at a very nice cardigan. A message has just flashed up, urging me to buy that very cardigan. OK, you win. I’ll get it. I click “buy now”. “Sorry, this product is out of stock”.

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