mardi 17 février 2015

H is for Hobbies

H is for Hobbies

A new year. New skills. I have decided to learn Dutch, courtesy of FutureLearn, an offshoot of the Open University. A big attraction is that the course is free (and Dutch is the only language on offer). My decision has, however, been met with some amusement.

Alyson, a friend from my online Writing Group, Writers Abroad, wrote: “Arghh! Good luck with the Dutch, Doreen. Having lived in Holland for five years, all I learned was that they speak excellent English!” While Angela, another WA friend who has also lived in Holland, wished me “Veel success met de cursus!” What’s the problem? It sounds easy.

However, Bertine, a local Dutch friend, was worried. She cautioned: “Just a little warning. You can still unsubscribe from that Dutch course dear. That language is bound to damage your vocal cords and worse, clog up your brain. I would feel terribly guilty if I hadn’t warned you.” (Note how good her English is…)

I have also decided to take up oil painting. Janice, a member of my Women’s Group has offered to run classes. She claims she can teach anyone to paint. So Ginny and I — combined ability, zero — are going along. There are some among you who will remember my previous foray into the art world. After a day painstakingly panting a green pepper, I took my masterpiece home. “What do you think it is?” I asked Gavin. He looked worried. “Is it a frog…”

Watch this space.

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