samedi 25 septembre 2010

Q is for QWIG

Cela a du succes grace au bouche-a-oreille — It has become popular as word gets around

QWIG is the Quercy Women’s International Group, of which I somehow managed to be one of the founder members. Its aim is to bring women of all nationalities, who live in the Quercy region of France, together in the spirit of friendship, fellowship and fun.

There are regular group lunches (well, it is France) and a number of special interest groups you can join. I’m not sure what possessed me to join the craft group. My last attempt at anything remotely craft-like was a somewhat lopsided peg holder (with embroidered daisy-like flowers on it) that I made at school aged 11. And forget your modern sewing machines. Mine has ‘By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra’ embossed on it. In all, it did not augur well among several ladies eager to embark on making heirloom quilts.

However, the group leader is infinitely patient — she has to be — and my attempt at a lavender bag drew universal praise (or was it sympathy?). Next step was a laundry bag (basically an overgrown lavender bag). When I got it home, Gavin took one look at it and said “It’s a bit big, isn’t it?” I think he may have thought it was another lavender bag. Still, it is proving almost as useful as the peg holder did all those years ago.

Perhaps a quilt might not be out of the question… watch this space!

Sadly, there will be no quilt. Unfortunately, I — along with six other members — have been thrown out of this embryonic group by our President, who, it seems, feels she wields more power than a departing Egyptian president ever did. (This, it should be noted, happened after her entire committee resigned.) So what was our crime? We held a meeting to discuss the future of the Group,  to which our President was invited but declined to attend. That, in QWIGland it seems, constitutes subversive behaviour. So it was 'au revoir' to us. Still, as they say over here, c'est la vie. I may not have made a quilt, but I made a lot of very good friends. And that is what is important. But isn't it a shame how one person can spoil things for so many others.

The good news is that, out of the ashes, a new group has risen. This one - Friends in France International (FiFi) is here to stay. We already have more than 50 members. And it's fun!

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